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Why do you do what you do

Why you do what you do?

You wake up in the morning prepare in minutes and rush to work.

Several hour later you are in the office. Do this and do that.

Time goes by lunch time come. Break for an hour to get your lunch.

After lunch you walk straight to the coffee club and have some favourite coffee with your colleagues then you go somewhere else.

Another couple hour gone you go back to the office and sit at your working table. Do this and that.

Soon after that working hour is finished. You go back home or to the mall or anywhere to your hangout places.

If you go straight back home you take a bath and prepare for dinner. After that you watch youtube or browsing here there everywhere till you get tired and ready to sleep.

Tomorrow morning you wake up and do those activities above over and over and over everyday. Without knowing why without knowing where are you going to be that year month week day even hour and why.

Time slipped away fast. A decade, two decades maybe three decades gone. But still you live day in day out just to get by with paycheck to paycheck if you are still employed.

People said the longer we work in the company, the bigger target mark we are wearing. It’s just like walking in the office with bullseye dartboard printed on the back.

What you do to your to-do?

To Write a to-do list is easy. To Scratch it out when its done is another story.

You learned from the successful people that you read listen and watch their motivation lessons. Everytime you think of a task you jot it down in your to-do notes without any miss. Always.

But you don’t remember and you can’t find again where you wrote the notes. And you do something else which not on the list. Then you just make another to-do list.

From one task two tasks ten tasks tenth and hundreds of tasks in your to-do list were scattered all around the place. Online offline local and cloud spreaded at:

  • A little piece of paper
  • Memo pad
  • Loose leaf and tier
  • Pocket notebook
  • Agenda planner
  • Workbook
  • Organizer
  • Post-it notes, Sticky notes
  • Executive diary with date
  • Executive agenda with no date
  • Moleskin journal, Bullet journal, Online journal
  • Android memo apps, IOS notes,
  • Android and IOS diary and journal apps
  • Icloud, Outlook, Yahoomail, Rocketmail, Gmail, Privateemail
  • Laptop notepad, Leafpad, Almanah, Diary,
  • vi, vim, nano, emacs, notepad++, gedit
  • Google calendar, Calcurse, Lightning, Evolution
  • Drive, Onenote, Dropbox, Evernote, Owncloud, Nextcloud
  • Words, Docs, Writer,

Day by day week by week month by month instead of going shorter it goes longer and longer and soon your to-do list is the same height as you.

How to do what you know necessary to do?

Say that classic to-do list:

  • do this here
  • do that there
  • do this that here
  • do this that there
  • more to do here
  • another to do there
  • do this that day
  • do that this day
  • do that someday

What a nice to-do list…The problem is…it is only on the list and never scratched out. So more and more things added to the list.

Perhaps it is not only you and me who might to-do list like that.

I didn’t know what to do with what I know is necessary to do either.

One day I just wrote wrote wrote and wrote the tasks to-do but almost never done one the tasks on the list I noted. Not a single task on the list been done. I kept doing other things instead of deal with the difficulties I will ever meet If I do the things on the list.

The lists only written to be scattered everywhere online and offline or even the notes are lost.

I have awakened from my mistakes when one day I found my old Notebooks, Pocket memo, Executive Agenda and read my own to-do list dated 2008, 2015, 2018.

None of task on those old to-do lists been scratched out. I just added more and more tasks to-do.

And It strucked me that day. A thought flashed into my mind. If my life want to be changed for the better, I have to change the way I work.

But it is okay for me to read back those notes. It reminded me how blessed and gifted I am to found out what was the thing that I did which didn’t match with where I want to be.

But still I can live through till today 2020 and write this post for you to read who perhaps has the same working method I did with my to-do list.

Because I can not change what had been done. But I can start to refine my direction to get back on track toward my destination.

So have you found any solution for what are you gonna do with your to-do list?…Especially with things necessary to do.

Do you know which task on the list is the part of:

. got to do
. nice to do
. want to do
. necessary to do

Do you even still have your list to-do or you can not find it no more?

How to do what you know you gotta do?

Some of the tasks are have to be done. In fact those some are the required for you to have some things you want.

But how are you gonna do the task if you don’t know how to do that task? Let alone the other parameters such as:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevance
  • Time-bound

If you know what you gotta do then why don’t you do it?
Some of the problem which hold people to do what they have to do are:

  • Afraid of failure
  • Don’t know what to do
  • Don’t know how to do it
  • Not sure if it really must do
  • Or perhaps just a classic laziness

If you say that you must have a plan to do each task on your to do list. Great… I am completely agree with that.

Thinking is good for the fair portion of the planning phase. But overthinking is overplanning. And realization needs more than just planning planning planning and…planning.

Even the most perfect excellent planning can not bring the real food on the table. There got to be something more following the planning.

Planning and wishing can not put positive numbers in your bank balance.

The longer time we took to make and remake a plan the more your bank balance shrinker in the faster speed I guess.

Do you know what the time means? Not wearing a watch is not the same with do not care about the time. While at the previous paragraph there is something written about:

. Time-bound

So, what is holding you back?

What to do when you don’t know what to do

It happened in my life when I don’t have idea what to do to make my life better *especially in financial section.

I paused from my activities. Stay at home.

And at the middle of the night I down on my knees and pray. I asked my God what to do because I don’t know what to do anymore.

It was after that midnight prayer my life changed to the better destination dramatically. With some hurts here there and everywhere because it demanded me to change my direction…drastically.

Just like you drive a car at 125mph turning the steering wheel and you pull up on the handbrake.

Would you do what you know what necessary and what you should gotta do?

You see, succceful people are self made and I was so skeptical back then. Only after i got strucked and hit by many many things. I realized those words are true.

So i learned and keep learning to work harder on myself. Simply saying i am learning:

  • I do
  • what you don’t wanna do
  • that you know that you gotta do
  • to be
  • where you wanna be

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